Armored Steel Kits Defence


Bullet Proof Steel Plates

Ranges From Thicknesses :3MM To 25 MM.

Present Sizes being manufactured in the plant for Bullet proof steel sheets:

width : 25 Inches - 27 Inches

Length : 60 Inches.

Weigth As Per Follows:

a) for 3MM plate 23.55 kgs/meter

b) for 4MM plate 31.40 kgs/meter

c) for 5MM plate 35 to 39.25 kgs/meter

d) for 6MM plate 42 to 47.10 kgs/meter

e) for 8MM plate 63 kgs/meter


a) 3mm Plate will stand the fires against : Level II, III A

b) 4.5mm To 5mm Plate will stand fires against : Level III

c) 5.7mm To 6.3mm Plate will stand fires against : Level III

d) 7.5mm To 8mm Plate will stand fires against: Level III +

Distance to be fired from : 10 Meters.